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Reflexology for menopause

Stress and the menopause   ‘Chronically elevated cortisol increases the likelihood of severe menopausal symptoms.’ Source: Carnacci et al,2011 Menopause, 18,3,273-8   Menopause (read perimenopause) happens at a time when we may already be dealing with high levels of stress.  We may have teenage children, or children flying the nest.  Ageing parents, relationship problems, work, […]

Perimenopause & the menopause

Perimenopause - The transitional time before menopause.  It can last a few years or up to 10 years.  You experience menopausal symptoms (of which there are many) due to hormone changes in your body but you still have periods, which are changing in nature or frequency.  Use this link to see symptoms Menopause - […]

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