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Perimenopause & the menopause

Perimenopause - The transitional time before menopause.  It can last a few years or up to 10 years.  You experience menopausal symptoms (of which there are many) due to hormone changes in your body but you still have periods, which are changing in nature or frequency.  Use this link to see symptoms

Menopause - Marks the day when you have gone 12 months without a period.  The average age is 51.  Some women may have a premature or surgical menopause.

Post-menopause - The rest of your life.


I'm currently studying Reflexology for Menopause with Sally Earlam Reflexology and hope to be offering this support very soon. *EDIT - Now offering Reflexology for Menopause support to my clients (January 2024)

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some books, podcasts and experts to follow that may help navigate your way through this point in your life.


  • Preparing for the Perimenopause and Menopause - Dr Louise Newson
  • The New Hot - Meg Matthews
  • What's wrong with me - Lorraine Candy @lorrainecandy
  • The Shift - Sam Baker @theothersambaker
  • Menopausing - Davina McCall & Dr Naomi Potter
  • Menopocalypse - Amanda Thebe @amanda.thebe


Now I LOVE a podcast; a walk in the forest listening to one is one of my favourite things to do for de-stressing and relaxing, and one I'm particularly fond of is 'Postcards from Midlife' with journalists and former magazine editors, Lorraine Candy (Sunday Times - Style, Elle, Cosmopolitan) and Trish Halpin (Red, Instyle, Marie Claire).  As they say in the introduction to the podcast; "If you're living in a hormonal hothouse, feeling a bit overwhelmed and in need of some positive, uplifting and comforting guidance on how to lead a more magnificent midlife then this is the show for you".

They chat to experts and celebrities on all things midlife from perimenopause to menopause, parenting teens, relationships, finance, careers, nutrition, fitness, fashion and caring for elderly relatives.  Definitely worth a listen.  They have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions (option to ask anonymously), search for answers and engage in a whole community of lovely midlife women.  They even hosted a brilliant 'Postcards from midlife Live' event at the Business Design Centre in May of this year (see photo of me fan-girling with Lorraine & Trish)


  • Dr Louise Newson - GP & Menopause Specialist - @menopause_doctor/@balancemenopause
  • Dr Naomi Potter - Menopause Doctor & co-author of Menopausing with Davina McCall - @dr_naomipotter
  • Postcards from midlife - (see podcasts) @postcardsfrom midlife
  • Lisa Snowdon - TV & Radio Presenter and author of 'Just getting started' lessons in life, love & the menopause - Records Menopause Madness with Dr Naomi Potter -@lisa_snowdon
  • Kate Rowe-Ham - Menopause fitness coach & founder of  new book 'Fitter, Calmer, Stronger' out in December.

There are MANY others that can be found just by searching menopause wherever you choose to look.

Hope that was useful.

I'm off for a walk in the forest.



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